Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Rise Planet of the apes / movie

For those born before 1963, the book "planet of the Apes" by the the french writer Pierre Boulle is the first exploration into the world of apes controlling humans and the injustice seen from another perspective. Then movies, Tv series have been produced, shown in theatres, seen by so many and engraved in the collective unconsciousness. How would we feel if we were the one trapped in the victim's seat?
In the sixties, the racial struggle between black and white in the USA was at it's peak. Today, they have a colored president. That looks like evolution on that front.

We, in the Arab world, should welcome such a movie in force. The Arab world is living revolutionary winters, freedom springs, bloody summers and uncertain autumn, with a common weather forecast of "down with the dictatorships".
The underprivileged need more than despair to move forward. They need that sparkle in the eye that means: yes we can!
In the Arab world, there are many dark areas of injustice and inequality. Women could take a forward stand and be more forceful than just driving in Saudi Arabia. Religious monopoly reduces minorities to hide and lie. And on and on...
One wish for this movie is to be shown without censorship!


Unknown said...

Liked your linking of planet of the apes with the black/white struggle during the 60s in the US (and hopes for the Arab struggle now)! Was the new planet of the apes movie any good? if not already, I am sure that you soon will be able to get the uncensored version on the Kuwaiti streets... what is your take on the Libyan struggle? Is it a true uprising of the actual Libyan people? I have some western progressive facebook friends that see it as a power grab by NATO and a "fake" revolution. I need more Middle Eastern perspectives please!

sarah said...

Thanks william for your comment...
Yeah, the movie was ok; a combination of psycho/socio study and some action. But overall what I liked was how one who awakens can move others.
Now of course, science and injection of new technology play a major role in this awakening.

Thank god there is a black market for uncensored items... Although we can't really just accept that! Why can't it be uncensored on the legal market... that is another debate altogether...

On Libyan struggle: sure Nato is a better version than the American experience in Irak., at least for the western world. I don't know if you can really call it a "fake" revolution. There was real repression and total lack of concern to the people and their wellbeing. So the level of frustrations and suffering must be quite high. If Nato and the west decided it was time to intervene, then I would rather call it alignement of interests. Resources in Libya are too appealing. But if the people can make a new way of life for them, then why not. If the people of Libya are ready to learn from other arab countries and not repeat mistakes, then why not.

These waves of revolutions have created one good thing: it gives power and certitude that expression should not be shut down by mere bullying and dictatorial repression.

Syria is another difficult arena. What do you think on Syria?