Friday, 11 March 2011

Treasures of the world - in Kuwait at the Americani Cultural Center

Sneak preview: "Treasures of the world" objects, jewellery, daggers, metal works, rock crystals fromt he Mughal Period are displayed at the new "Americani Cultural Center" in Kuwait. It will open its doors to the public in May 2011. The exhibition has been touring the world for the past decade, from Moscow at the Kremlin to St Petersburg at the Hermitage, to Paris at the Louvre and the list is long... 
It is clearly explained that this not a museum but a temporary exhibition.
The Center is the old American Hospital of Kuwait that started its activities in the early 1930's and was closed when Kuwait built its first large hospital in the 1950's. The architecture is preserved and its has an outstanding feeling of respect for the old bricks, rather than wiping out the old to build new as it has become a trend in Kuwait in the name of modernization. 

The scenography for the exhibition is the essence of the show. The blown up miniatures showing scenes of the Mughal period give a sense of wide angle view to the minute details and precision in the making of these objects. Same showcases have been travelling with the objects around the world, with its own full lighting, security systems and tags to explain in few words the origin and story behind the object. 

A worthwhile experience...


rabaa said...

Well, what happened to the Kuwait national museum and why was it not exhibited there?

DAI said...

The Kuwait National Museum still needs a lot of work before objects from The al-Sabah Collection can be exhibited there again.

So in the mean time, the Amricani Cultural Centre has temporary gallery spaces and the first exhibition is Treasury of the World from The al-Sabah Collection.

When the National Museum's rehabilitation is complete, the collection will move back there and Amricani will continue to be a cultural centre.

Hope that answers your question :)