Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sarah al Hamad: "cardamom and lime, recipes from the Arabian Gulf"

A cook book from the Arabian Gulf

In Kuwait, people are divided into two categories: Those who eat out of a kitchen in a home and those who consider local food a mystery. The mystery is where to find it, how to cook it, and how to make it taste like it should.
Sarah al Hamad has ventured to nail down that mystery, transform it into a simple recipe book and unravel the enigma. She admits that during her research she went for months; from family to friends to kitchens to cooks to reveal the mystery of it all: “ The nature of Gulf cuisine; how varied and individual it is and that the proof is in the spicing – how much is used and which spices with which foods – is where the difference lies.” more....

read the article in BAZAAR MAGAZINE: 

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Chokran for your post. I agree with you, but I remember people of your country (football players) always asking "Mr. Caesar! ask them (hotel cuisine) more rice...!" - and, I dislike rice very much! The rice came, and I had to eat that! I prefer potatoes... Eh eh eh [sorry me].

I understand nothing about kitchen and I'm here, just to be with you and wish the better for your life (...)
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- "Viva la tecnologia!"
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