Sunday, 24 January 2010

Auction in Lebanon

Ayyam Gallery is promoting an auction on the 28th of january 10 at 7pm in their Beirut Branch. In their third year of the auction business, the gallery finds art from collectors (private collections) or the artists themselves to sell to other collectors and therefore art circulates.
In the market business, galleries should promote their own artists and find buyers to blow up a better price for artists.
The question here is why doesn't Ayyam Gallery use the usual auction houses in the Gulf such as Christies to continue promoting their artists?
So what are the credentials of a gallery to go into the bidding process and who estimates works of art?
The online catalogue is nicely presented. And the choice of artwork is worth the look!

The link to Ayyam Gallery: Beirut Auction Catalogue
Photo of an artwork by Stelio Scamanga (pastel, 1997)

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