Monday, 7 December 2009

Razek-Francois Bitar in Kuwait

Countertenor, Razek-Francois Bitar is a voice born in Syria and now established in Italy. Tonight, with David Simonacci on piano, he gave a warm performance at the DAI theatre, including the "Che puro ciel". In an intimate ambiance, he let his voice fill the space with his fragile yet powerful emotions. The repertoire was Handel, Gluck, Ravel. He then switched to Armenian, to Arabic and he embraced both worlds with as much ease and finesse. In sweet words, he dedicated the last song by Rahbani to his mother as if she was in the audience.
This was a treat.

a link to an interview by ORTF in german, where Bitar speaks in italian, and sings in arabic. youtube


Unknown said...

Je commence ma journée parisienne avec Razek-François Bitar. Merci pour ce réveil en douceur.

sarah said...

ce sont des petites choses, mais la douceur est essentielle... Pour nous au Koweit, ca faisais office de grande performance...