Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Amin Maalouf - the blog

Amin Maalouf, the renown author, is experimenting the new web tool: blogs, blogging, to blog, to be blogged about, I'll post it on the blog...
An author who lives in recluse, writes alone, page after page to produce a 150, 200, 500 pages books, plans to share his thought process in short notes. It's a thrill to see an established writer in his medium ready for exploration within new dimensions. Come to think about it, it's not so surprising as Maalouf has often used his own perspective and point of view to present a different perception of History. The book "The Crusades through Arab eyes", for example, has given laymen the capacity to contemplate their own history and think about their present. In a simple fluent language, he has opened doors to help many understand the intricate labyrinth of origins. "In the name of Identity" touches upon the essence: who are you? who am I?
This blog will add a layer of sweetness to the information flood on the web.

his blog in English or French: with amin maalouf


Vinni Puh said...

Can you please tell me the origin of the picture on these 2 book covers?
Name, photographer, location, ... anything you have. Thank You!

Happy New Year!

sarah said...

Dear Vinni,
I do have no idea on the pictures of these two bookcovers. It might be best to post a comment on Amin Maalouf's blog for more information.
In my blog I review what interests me but cannot really know the origins of others' blog...
Hope you will find what you are searching for
Happy New year to you

Vinni Puh said...

thanks for your answer Sarah!